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Discussion in 'Anoles' started by freakybeavis, Dec 18, 2017.

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    hey all, new to the board and to lizards! So we found a lizard at work which appears to be a brown anole. I live in Michigan so obviously he is not from around here. I suspect he came in on a container. Anyway, I took him home, kept him in a sterilite tub for a week or so until I got a 29 gallon bowfront aquarium for $20 off craigslist. he seems healthy and happy. The aquarium came with a flourescent light which says aqua-glo on it, also 15 watt T8. I had to make a custom screen top from an old window screen but it fits just great. I have 2 additional lights on top in shop type clamp lamps. One has a 60 infrared bulb for night heat and the other a 75 watt flood light for day basking.

    My question is about the tubelight. I want to replace the bulb with something I know is giving off adequate UVB but not sure what strength is best for me. I know there are differing opinions on if the reptiglo are as good as reptisun and if they may even be dangerous. The tank is 24" wide (even tho the light is only 18") and 18" tall. I can't decide if a 5.0 is adequate or if I need the 10.0 strength. If the 10.0 is more than I need am I going to harm little ziggy?

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