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Discussion in 'Anoles' started by 00luke00, Mar 15, 2007.

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    I just wanted to take this opportunity for welcoming you all to the anole forum.

    I thought I'd also include the best ways to ask for help:

    I've seen many other sub-forums with these posts around the site, so just thought I'd let you know how to get the best answers in the smallest amount of time if you have a problem with an anole.

    Firstly, make sure you give the species. Ie. green anole, cuban anole etc. You'll also need to give an estimate of age and size too.

    An enclosure run-down would be helpful, so include the tank size, substrate, heating method, temperatures, what you're measuring the temperatures with, humidity levels, amount of coverage, etc.

    Also include what feeder you're offering, how many at each feeding, and also how often do you feed your anoles.

    Clearly state, in brief, what your problem is in the title, as i find this will get you quicker, and better responses.

    The reason it's a good idea to include as much details as possible is so that somebody can try and answer your problem straight away. If you just say, my anole isn't eating properly for example, you will most probably be asked questions about temperature & what feeders you're offering anyway, so if you include these details in your questions, responses are more likely to be a whole lot swifter :D

    Thanks, Luke
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