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Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by Axe, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    With the differences between keeping herps in Australia vs. the rest of the world, and the growing population of Australians on the site, this area has been created for you guys to chat with each other and get help.

    The same rules apply here that apply to the rest of the forum.

    Have fun, and remember to be respectful of others posting in here. :)
  2. norgan

    norgan Embryo

    W00t. Helo my fellow Aussie's :-P

    Great to see this site acounting for Aussie Herps, I find it very ironic that the US breeders and keeper know more about our lizards than we do.

    I have been keeping beardies for 10 months now and am fairly new to it, i have picked up a bit in that time and have done as much research on the net as i can.

    The Lawson's dragon's are even more rare and i have two of these and wish to breed them soon, in fact one of our ststes doesn;t let you keep them. Go figure.

    Anyway look forward to chatting with all the Aussies on here, as well of course the very helpfull and pleasant Herps from the US and Canada.

    :) :)
  3. newby

    newby Embryo

    Hi, I am fairly new to keeping beardies myself. I have two that are 4 monthsold and two red phase that are 3 months old. They are all thriving well in the one enclosure (3M x 1M). I am planning on building another enclosure at some stage that will allow me to separate them. And hopefully bread them. They are growing quickly and I love just siting and watching them.

    I would also like to talk to some Aussies regarding keeping dragons.

    I have had help on this site from the overseas people and found some information most valuable.

    Hope to talk some more soon.

  4. Matevs

    Matevs Embryo

    G'Day Mates, (typical aussie :) )

    Im basically in the same boat as newby. I've just started with 2 baby beardies and ive only got a basic idea on what im doing. This site seems to have alot of info that i'll find useful, but its always good to have others opinions and tips thrown in as well.

    Hope to learn a lot from everyone here :)
  5. Doctor_Phil

    Doctor_Phil Embryo

    Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Oi Oi Oi :)

    Hey Newby, that's a pretty good size of an enclosure for 4 juvie Beardies, bet you have fun catching them for their health checks :D

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