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Discussion in 'Monitors & Tegus' started by Axe, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    Welcome to the new monitors & tegus forum. There has been a rather big increase of users recently posting about these, and a couple of the users have mentioned that they'd like their own place to chat about the various varanids and other such similar creatures.

    So, I felt the creation of a new forum was justified.

    Over the coming days, I will be going through the "General Lizards" forum, and start shifting over any appropriate threads to this area, so don't be alarmed if you suddenly see a whole bunch of posts in here :lol:
  2. Danac

    Danac Embryo

    I sure wish more people would post general information about Tegu's. I have a young ARG Tegu who is great to handle and loves his nose rubbed most of the time and at others is "hell on wheels".
    I am also a boaphile and that forum has a ton of posts. I hope we can get this one as active as well.


    iwas wonderring if you might have a sickness page were people who lizard can talk to other poeple on problems they encounter during its sickness to help the people tht are goin thru the same thing as they did
  4. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    Well, "sickness" is a very broad term. There's a million and one different possible illnesses for any species of animal. It would be impossible to cover all that in a single page.

    If you're experiencing a specific problem, it's best just to post a new thread or find an existing one relating to your problem to add to (if adding to an existing thread is appropriate).
  5. Just_Some_Guy

    Just_Some_Guy Embryo

    Axe can we have some new ranks? Please
  6. 4ndr0j34n5

    4ndr0j34n5 Embryo

    I may be new here, but I am glad to see that varanids do have their own forum. thanks for doing that before I got here, axe.

    and, btw, i like the ranks. :)
  7. NawazSudan

    NawazSudan Embryo

    Anybody interested in buying some of my Nile Monitors? I have a few that are breeding well, seeing as I live on the banks of the Nile!!!

    Nawaz in Sudan...
  8. moistsalmon

    moistsalmon Embryo

    im looking to buy a monitor..im unsure on what to buy.i want a monitor thats sorta calm and fun to handle..i have a 8ft long by 2ft. deep by 4ft. tall cage..i was looking into a small monitor like a timor or a blue tail or peach throat..can you guys give me any suggestions..thankyou

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