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Discussion in 'Rhacodactylus (Crested) Geckos' started by JEFFREH, May 5, 2005.


    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Rhacodactylus Geckos now have their own forum! Please be polite to the other members and keep things clean. Let's try to say on topic too :) .
  2. lashes

    lashes Embryo

    hey jeff,
    didnt know why my post have a flashing icon that looks like a lock sign

  3. How many posts do you need to change tihngs(hatchling,sub-adult, juvie, exc.)?

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    If it looks like a lock sign, the thread was locked. No one is able to post when a thread is locked, and a thread is locked if things got out of control in that thread, its inapropriate, etc etc.

  5. twitch3

    twitch3 Embryo

    i have saw one or two people with TROLL under their name where the rank is.what does this mean?
  6. Just_Some_Guy

    Just_Some_Guy Embryo

    I means they are a spammer so are mean to people and then leave. I think

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Pretty much....

    If someone has Troll under their name they were banned =)

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