what a let down

Discussion in 'Florida Reptile Nuts' started by metalz, Nov 5, 2009.

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    I have been looking for a nather food item form my herp. I come across burias ,I do the reseach on them, findingout the thay are a great item to feed a herp. the plus to them out due crixs 10 to 1.

    So now u go to buy some rouches and u find No Sales to Florida ,what's that crap. oh wait what's that u can have the native ones discrods :0 but thay have to come from within the state u say , HaHaHa but but u can't find breeders within the state booo on u I Say .
    the bad part about it is dubias are already liveing free in Florida your littile law was 60 years to late , and this law ?? I see people saying it's a law but yet I see nothing from the gov about it . how strange is that?
    so now what ? um smagle bugs in to the state lol how messed is that ...
    lmao! sorry for the rant I had to .
    my herp Frilled dragon , crix is not going to cover I for food. so what to do now ? I still whould like to git dubias as it it a no no to Florida what to do now lolo

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