What do *YOU* look like?

Discussion in 'Photos & Photography' started by tjhallock, May 27, 2005.

  1. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

    Post a pic of yourself! Here's me, im warning you... I'M UGLY!

    // Administrator Edit 9/10/2006 : Given that this thread was started 16 months ago, and it's STILL at the top of the posts lists, I'm making this sticky :D
  2. TáriStar

    TáriStar Embryo

    I started a thread like this in general chat a while ago... No one really replied.
  3. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

    I can tell, lol.
  4. DizzyStar

    DizzyStar Embryo

    yeah most people are kinda... ehhh cameras.... i am, but for someone who hates photos, i have a lot of them. usually everytime i chage my hair i take a picture. i've yet to get my current colors (black and bleached to pastel pinkish) but anyway:

    www.dallasgothic.com/lain check the "hair" section.
  5. DaCubs

    DaCubs Embryo

    Okay, I'll go find another ridiculous picture of me. Hmmm....I think this one will do. X-Mas morning, 2003. Buttering up the turkey for roasting (makes the skin nice and crispy).
  6. undefined

    undefined Embryo

    Way off topic....DaCubs, I would swear that you are standing in my aunt's kitchen. Her's is exactly the same, right down to the Longenburger basket. The wallpaper may be different. Creepy. You didn't happen to spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey, did you?
  7. DaCubs

    DaCubs Embryo

    HA! Nope, my parent's place in Chicago.
    I'm surprised you know Longenburger that well. Most people wouldn't know those if they were reading the label. My mom has a house full of those, as she used to sell them in her free time. All shapes, sizes, colors, etc.
  8. LeoMaster3012

    LeoMaster3012 Embryo

    I have those same Pajama Bottoms!
  9. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

    Loving the beard Cubs. Yea, ur kitchen is a VERY similar setup to my grandma's excluding the wp and counter tops.. Who makes yall's homes?
  10. DaCubs

    DaCubs Embryo

    I actually cut that off a while back. It was a bit much. But I've got a new one going now, as the Cubs weren't doing well when I was clean-cut.
  11. kephy

    kephy Moderator Staff Member

    Ok I'll play along. Keeping with the pajama theme, here's one of me with my muttpup, Tima. She's all grown up now, but I still look about the same. I'm even wearing that shirt today!

  12. butterfly1979

    butterfly1979 Embryo

    Ok, I will play. Here I am, please don't point and laugh.
  13. froggeegurl

    froggeegurl Embryo

    I guess I'll play too. This is me and my boyfriend.

  14. BoyntonStylez

    BoyntonStylez Embryo

    Leo and I are on the front page!!!


    Me and Leo when we went to get Valentino from Cheri and Axe in Febuary


    Me and Leo our first christmas together two years ago.
  15. BeccaL

    BeccaL Embryo


    This was taken bout 5 yrs ago. Look the same but my hair is down to my lower back. Too shy to put a pic of me in my uniform :oops:

    I enjoy seeing all the faces behind the names :D

  16. TáriStar

    TáriStar Embryo

    OKay so I shal play along... her is the most recent picture of me


    hehe ya i'm weird i know...

    http://img.vampirefreaks.com/upic/S/Se/Set...ore/1545218.jpg <thats an OLD one from when I first got Luna

    hehe so ya i am a photo (Self edit here... A photo addict i shall say) ... I have never been able to mimic the eye effect in that last picture... ::sad::
  17. DaCubs

    DaCubs Embryo

    BeccaL, what uniform would that be? If you don't mind, of course. Just curious.
  18. BeccaL

    BeccaL Embryo


    I'm a deputy for my county. I hear at least twice a week, "You look to young to where that" or "Does your mom know you do this?". Gets kind of annoying :wink: The pic I have really does make me look about 15, yikes glad I'm not that age anymore :shock:

  19. mthorpe

    mthorpe Embryo

    'kay, heres me (and some fish...)




  20. Ubi

    Ubi Embryo

    Ok I'm only doing this cause BeccaL did, figure we Georgia girls gotta stick together

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