What do *YOU* look like?

Discussion in 'Photos & Photography' started by tjhallock, May 27, 2005.

  1. danyelli08

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    Thank you! You're daughter is definetly a cutie. She looks like shes gonna grow up to be that girl who beats up on all the boys! :)
  2. HERE I AM!!
  3. VividDragon

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  4. scooter1685

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    Lol, what do I look like? Well... you asked for it...

    Here's my daughter Brooke, my wife, and myself.


    Here's my wife and myself.


    And my horrible, horrible face, lol.


    Isn't my daughter adorable!?!?!?

  5. salvadorian

    salvadorian Embryo

    Yay! This is fun! It's almost like knowing fellow herp enthusiasts in REAL LIFE!!!

    Okay.... sooooo.... I'm not very photogenic.
    Here goes.

    (I don't wear glasses)

    (A good day)



  6. ginnafer

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    These are always fun
    Hairs not black anymore though.
  7. lllxtclll

    lllxtclll Embryo

    I'm Sam :)

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  8. ashcrowz

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    Well this is me.. I'm new to this site.. Im pretty sure this is my first posting..lol
    ...thats me and my bf going to my junior prom last year

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  9. ddma

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    most people think that if you're a reptile lover you're weird or you worship the devil -- we all look pretty normal to me
    i'm all the way to the left
    me in black
  10. LittleMick

    LittleMick Embryo

    Me posing when I went to Florida to visit my sister


  11. wiiroc

    wiiroc Embryo


    This was a few months ago. Since then I have combed out my 1.5year old dreadlocks and gotten id of my double nostril piercings, but I still have my septum.
    Recent pictures soon, maybe?
  12. ELizCVT04

    ELizCVT04 Embryo

    Hi, my name is Liz. I'm new to the group and just started raising beardies early this month, but already LOVE them and have 5!!!

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  13. calieigh

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    Hi all.
    Looks good.
  14. Lillster

    Lillster Embryo

    me (not that many pic of me on my comp. all of them are of my herps this is the best i could find!)
  15. lestat

    lestat Moderator Staff Member

    I'm a bit surprised at the percentage of girls we have on this forum. People tend to think of reptiles as a guy's thing, but I think our forum proves otherwise. lol
  16. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    we are taking over the reptile world lol XD

    ok, im finally going to post up my picture after all this time lol

    me and the fiance

  17. jackrat

    jackrat New Member

    This is me,doing what I love.

  18. misslush

    misslush Embryo

    This is me ...

  19. leon_kuyo

    leon_kuyo New Member

    i look dumb but oh well
  20. leon_kuyo

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