What equipment do you guys all shoot with?

Discussion in 'Photos & Photography' started by Axe, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. bandedgecko

    bandedgecko Embryo

    A Kodak EasyShare Z740, 5MP, 12X Optical Zoom. On sale for $299.95
    regular $349.95. Came with free 256mg smart digital card.
  2. elums

    elums Embryo

    I went ahead and traded my Rebel XT in for a 30D body. The XT just felt to small in my hands, the 30D on the other hand is the perfect size for me.
  3. LeoDee

    LeoDee Embryo

    Currently a crappy Olympus D425. It's 4.0mp and only has digital zoom :(
    But... I hope to be getting a Nikon Coolpix S7c for christmas!
  4. Bearhachick

    Bearhachick Embryo

    I haven't put any photos up, but I use a Canon Powershot SD400. I love it.
  5. paulnj

    paulnj Embryo

    I use a 1d mkIIN , 1D, 20D and a miriad of lenses from 24mm to 600mm, but most of my reptile images are shot with a old 4mp fuji A340(light and simple)
  6. conny63malies

    conny63malies Embryo

    I just got a KodakEasy share 612 but also own a Fuji E550
  7. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    Nikon D50
  8. axeslingerans

    axeslingerans Embryo

    Here are some of the pictures I am rockin with my Canon Powershot A620. All stock.









    All of those photos have been resized and compressed to fit onto photobucket without losing the actual size of the photo, so the resolution isn' as good as it is in the original photo. I can't imagine myself needing any better pictures than those unless I was getting paid a lot of money to take them. And that camera only cost me about 300 bucks. :)

  9. dellessanna

    dellessanna Embryo

    I have:
    Canon Rebel XT 8 mp
    70-300mm Tamron tele-macro
    18-55mm canon
    Canon A640 10mp

    And a mini studio set up in my front room. XD
  10. CritterCrue

    CritterCrue Embryo

    I have a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5d
    KM Maxxum 7
    KM 18-70mm
    Quantaray 100-300mm
    Tamron 28-105mm
    Tamron 28-90mm (I think lol)
  11. BSB

    BSB Embryo

    Canon Digtial Rebel XTi
    Canon 100-400mm IS
    Canon 75-300mm mkIII
    Canon 18-55mm
  12. paulnj

    paulnj Embryo

    Nature shooter like me :) Add a macro and your golden!
  13. BSB

    BSB Embryo

    I'm working on one :) I like the canon 100mm, but I also want a lens to replace the kit. The 100-400mm is a beast!
  14. paulnj

    paulnj Embryo

    the 100 is a great lens. A CHEAP,yet good, lens I have as a kit lens is the tokina 28-70F2.8(3 YEARS OLD). I find the 100-400 to be a treat over my big guns(600f4). A 1D/100-400 is my walk around camera, though I have no time to shoot anymore lately.
  15. Right now i am using a Nikon D70s SLR body with a couple different lenses.

    I am thinking about Making the switch to the new Cannon Rebel XT due to the smaller more compact size as i tend to do longer hiking trips than i used to and the D70s body with my 3 lenses is to much to carry around the body is just to bulky.

    How do you think the cannon performs compared to my D70s?
  16. Owthatstings

    Owthatstings Embryo

    I use a Minolta Maxxum 4, and 400 speed Kodak color film. I just need to get some new lenses.
  17. unrealjill

    unrealjill Embryo

    I'm looking at getting into dslr but can't find a comparison between the canon rebel xt/EOS 350D and the nikon d50 that isnt just people saying 'its great, buy it'. i was wondering, esp for reptile photos if there was any great pref here?
  18. I would go with the Rebel XTi.

    I recently used the Nikon D70s and just today picked myself up a Rebel XTi and i LOVE IT!!
  19. unrealjill

    unrealjill Embryo

    so we can be expecting loads of new photos soon then ;)
  20. LeopardLady

    LeopardLady Embryo

    I use a nikon D50 digital camera with a 18-55mm and a 55-200mm zoom lens Both Nikkor DS lenses. although my 18-55 as went awhal since my trip... grrrr.. hopefully its hiding in hubbies truck. I really want to get a macro lens, and longer lens too.

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