what kind of snake is this? (its eating a kangaroo O_O)

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by DizzyStar, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. DizzyStar

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  2. Ash19

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    Omg!! That's insane! Cool looking snake though. Haha I just watched my cornsnake eat a little adult mouse tonight and thought THAT was crazy. Now look at that one eating a kangaroo!
  3. snkegrl

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    That's SO Awesome! The species is a scrub (amethystine) python.
  4. stevetims

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    It is a wallaby (quite small) and not a kangaroo - much larger
  5. Bakes

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    Yep its a scrub python. They are found on the northeastern coast of Queensland Australia. They are our biggest python. I have some pics of a Olive python eating a wallaby as well but my usual photo posting site is down so I can't post them.

  6. improvius

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    As a general rule, if it's eating a wallaby or kangaroo, it's a scrub python.

  7. stevetims

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    Hey - does that make my brother in law a scrub python - he can often be found throwing roo burgers on the barbie in Oz.... :)
  8. Ash19

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    That's so sad :cry: I love wallabies and kangaroos!!
  10. snkegrl

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    can you not post the photo, Eddie?
  11. stormyva

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    The snake leaning over the rock wall picture sounds like one of the ones that Bakes posted earlier. He put up a pic of an olive python hanging off of a rock wall pulling a wallaby out of the water.
  12. garybingham

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    that pic is in genral photo gallary
  13. Bakes

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    There you go. Olive's do get mistaken for browns. Especially when they are around the 2-3 meter mark. The big fella in the pic is pretty big. The biggest olive I've seen was around 4 meters long. We saw him when we were out pig hunting. The dogs walked right over it and it didn't move, had a head like a shovel 8) . We get alot around the 3 meter mark on base. We had one that a visiting US Marine ran over with a 24 seat bus (it was night time) you could see the tread patten in the snake, I'm happy to say that she made a complete recovery :lol:
  14. improvius

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    From what I've been able to tell by keeping my Savus, the Liasis pythons (Savu, olive, water, Macklot's) are VERY strong for their size. It's pretty easy to believe that picture is real. I don't think that olive would have any trouble at all pulling that wallaby up. Likewise with the one surviving getting run over by a bus - I imagine it tensed up all of its muscles and avoided any fatal injury.

  15. snkegrl

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    That is INCREDIBLE!

    NICE photo aswell!
  16. Cheers Bakes! That is the exact picture - sorry for the delay in responding. I actually sent an email to Australia Zoo about this and here is their answer -

    Thank you for your email. We have seen this photo but thanks anyway, mate! This photo has become extremely popular and circulating quite widely. It sure is a amazing shot! Crikey! The snake shown is an Olive Python and the photo was taken near Port Headland in WA. If you have any further questions feel free to email or call us on (07) 5436 2000.

    I loved the Crikey! bit - very Steve Irwin personal touch :) Glad the other snake recovered - shows how resilient they are!
  17. Ash19

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    Lol my thoughts exactly. I swear I could just hear him saying it :)
  18. Bakes

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    Yeah he's a bit of a goose :roll: :)

    Most people I talk to like the water python because of its "sheen" for want of a better word. I like the olive. I suppose its because I see so many and the wild ones I've picked up have been very quite. They do bloody stink though.
  19. zemane

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    holy camoly!nver seen a snake that strong!INCREDIBLE!!! :shock: :shock:
  20. i'm intrigued to now what they smell like :D

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