what kind of snake is this? (its eating a kangaroo O_O)

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by DizzyStar, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Bakes

    Bakes Embryo

    From what I've been told, they vent a anal gland as a defence mechanism, now from what I know (couldn't get the smell off my hands for about 1 hour, no matter how much I washed) Its like they rolled through something dead :shock: After awhile (a few washes) its not unplesent ,just very musky.
  2. Janice

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    There is no worse smell than the smell of a dead animal. Bechhh!
  3. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    Sounds strange but works to cut most odors from anal glands spraying or venting....Soak your hands in tomato juice... just rub in and then rinse.
  4. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    I know that tomato juice is supposed to work for skunk spray.
  5. Bakes

    Bakes Embryo

    Thanks mate I'll give that a go next time I get some on me.
  6. DizzyStar

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    jeff.... is never... getting... an Olive.

    ever. we will never have room for a snake that size.
  7. Bakes

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    Some people in my area keep them outside in bird averys. But then the climate is ideal around here for them.
  8. RRusso70

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    Wow that was cool

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