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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by martsayin, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. martsayin

    martsayin Embryo

    like two weeks ago i baught bark from the pet store for my water dragon and everyday now i see little things flying around in the tank yesterday ii noticed that them little things flying around were flies

    if he eats a fly is it bad? is this why hes not eating much?should i tell the pet store or is this normal.someone please help i want my dragon to eat? :lol: :) :?
  2. shortygirl

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    It could be some form of infestation, I would tell the pet store & maybe put in a call to the manufacturer as well.

    That aside, I would probably clean out the substrate & try & get the flies out, you don't know if they have any form of parasite or other nasties. I use organic soil & repti-bark for my female & astro-turf for my male (temporary) and haven't had a problem.

  3. TwiceBorn

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    how long has the substrait been in there??
    My sisters collection of hermit crabs had flies breeding in it one time so she had to clean it out. are you sure it came with the substrait??? or did they just make it your home after you put it in??
  4. Sensation

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    I had that same problem when I bought forest bark from a pet store. I just took it all out as soon as I noticed. So I put outdoor carpeting in the tank, also it's way better looking and the crickets can't hide in it. But make sure to cut the carpet just the right size, or else the crix can go under the carpet.

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