What's in the Food we eat ?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by bruno, May 29, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    In a recent topic "romaine lettuce" came up and a few people thought it wasn't very good nutrition.

    There is a very good site, for those who are not aware, that gives a lot of info on various foods.

    It can be found here USDA
    Simply enter the food you wish to research.
    I should point out, if you just type in "lettuce", you will get a very long list including chicken burgers with salad filling and "lettuce" will be highlighted.
    So be very specific in your wording and also include the word "raw", again you will get long lists if you dont.
    You do need to experiment at times, wont find "parsnips" but will find "parsnip" (singular) and doesn't always recognise RAW.
    Once you get the item you're looking for click on the code, you will then get another set of "boxes" to fill in.
    I usually use the 100grams, check that box and also enter under "servings" 1, then scroll to bottom and click "get nutrients".

    From there you will see everything that 100 grams contains, from water content to obscure minerals but mainly the calcium, phorphorus and potassium values. If the Ca:p ratio is good ,ie, 2:1 or close, then it's suitable to feed to veggies eating lizards.

    It is interesting to note, the romaine lettuce shows up in the same catagory as Endive, Escarole and Chicory.

    Well worth bookmarking the site for future reference.

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  3. allsushi

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    That's a great site, I love it! Thanks for linking it for everyone. I always though of Romaine as a good occasional food, not a staple for beardies.

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    Pretty much the same thing on a different website I have bookmarked: http://www.beautifuldragons.503xtreme.com/Nutrition.html
    It seems a bit simpler to use, just Ctrl + F the food you want; but then, it would also be less specific. For example, serving size for these ratios is not mentioned. I also like that it's color coded. :)

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