Whats your ball python name?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Mr_Goth, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Mr_Goth

    Mr_Goth Embryo

    I'm sorry if this have been posted before. I'm always amazed at the names that people give to their pets.

    My ball pythons name is Monty Python just like 80% of the people here.
  2. shrap

    shrap Embryo

    Girls: Venus, Naga, Hissy, Kahlua

    Boys: Monty, Noose, Stretch
  3. JoshMueller

    JoshMueller Embryo

    My boy python's name is Burt, my columbian red tail girl is Ms. kenzington
  4. kavinos

    kavinos Embryo

    My carpet pythons name is Stitch
  5. My future one that im gettin is gonna be named Maximus (like off of the movie gladiator)
  6. undefined

    undefined Embryo

    My ball is named Seige, my albino corn is Fuego(spanish for fire), and the name of my green burmese is a matter of dispute. I call him Cuthalu and my boyfriend calls him Worm. It doesn't really matter, he doesn't care and I always refer to him as BabySnakes anyway.
  7. stina3246

    stina3246 Embryo

    Mines name is Eight Ball. We call him Eight for short.(He came with the name, I would have called him Ramses)
    I also have Q (The Executioner) and Egypt: Both corns and Boomer (Boomerangue) a Cal-King
  8. Lokismommy

    Lokismommy Embryo

    My ball python's name is Robyn Hode and my son's ball python's name is Base for baseball python. lol
  9. Ryeshu

    Ryeshu Embryo

    She wouldn't happened to be named after Naga the white serpant would she?
    Anyways mines names are
    Girls: Kura, Princess, and ryoko
    Boy: Tenchi
  10. beccasaur

    beccasaur Embryo

    my bps name is zero
  11. stormyva

    stormyva Embryo

    I have some atbs named.... Nippy, Snippy, Dippy, Tippy, and Pshycho I know, Psycho doesnt fit with the "theme" but she is the most evil snake that I have ever come across. She starts lunging with open mouth as soon as someone walks in to the herp room.
  12. Melinda666

    Melinda666 Embryo

    I have many snakes and haven't named them all yet. So far I have
    abe, abby, abner, clowny, caramel, ball, bubba, big momma, norma, norman and my personal favorite that was named by her previous 5 yr old owner, slithery hot dog snakey.

    And whomever is snappy and refuses food repeatedly gets a temporary name of little Bass Turd.
  13. jeepnphreak

    jeepnphreak Embryo


    Bp names...

    and one to be determined still...


    I have a beautiful female royal python and her name is Isabella
  15. danielhs

    danielhs Embryo

    my female bp name is Bella :(
  16. BoyntonStylez

    BoyntonStylez Embryo

    We have The Snake Formally Known as Viktor (Found out Viktor is a girl), so she's now Sasha, our baby ball is Sancho or Sanchito (depending on my mood) and our Columbian is Echo.
  17. merchant

    merchant Embryo

  18. FergieTony

    FergieTony Embryo

    Albino Corn Snake-Q
    Ball Python-Nino
    Mexican Rosy Boa-Cobalt
    Children's Python-Pythagoras
    Kenyan Sand Boa-Grace
  19. mrfatpocket

    mrfatpocket Embryo

    my BPs name is Gambit , after the X-men character
  20. igot_dragon

    igot_dragon Embryo

    haha my ball python's name is Blellow because she is black and yellow

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