Whats your ball python name?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Mr_Goth, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. supernova

    supernova Member


    Mr.Sexy (He is a show off)
    Fade (Like a lap dog)
    Loki (or loco)


    Akita (my 7 pound neck warmer)
    Luna (my wife's anniversary present)
    Caramel (thats what we call her)
    Medusa (always hissy/pissy)
    Patches (she has patches of dull scales)
    Dotty (spot nose Dinker)

    Room for one more but I'm holding out for a black pastel. :)
  2. Eme Demiri

    Eme Demiri Member

    My spider ball pythons name is reeves. Named after a marine that lost his life in iraq last year. I had to give him a noble name since I bought him on 9/11
  3. WingedWolf

    WingedWolf Member

    I've named most of them after deities from various cultures, usually with a theme linked to their morph. (My pieds are all named after deities associated with volcanoes and fire, for example). So, the snakes have names like Kokopeli, Quetzalcoatl, Huracan, and Uzume. :) The ghosts are all named after spirits--Poltergeist, Aysa, and Neschume, and I admit to naming a new poss het ghost "Spooky". I find names a lot easier to associate to the individual animals than numbers, so every snake gets a name, if it's a holdback. I got a new Enchi yesterday--his name is Herne. :)
  4. BP36

    BP36 New Member

    my ball pythons are named Lucian, Katana, Tanabe, Morrigan, Chimera, Pandora, and Inubis
  5. I have 2 Ball Pythons their names are Slither and Zeus.
  6. Skittle

    Skittle Embryo

    Amelanistic corn is: G'Kar (from Baby5)
    Caramel corn is: Voltaire Pluto Kabayashi Maru
    Super pastel is TBD, but have some golden ideas in mah braaaain
  7. CaroleBrown

    CaroleBrown Embryo

    Well I have seen Monty all too often as a python name. I still find it funny though. LOL

    My fully grown adult normal ball python is a boy. I named him Caladriel. Why? I don't know. The name came out of my mouth when my friends at the Hamilton Ball Pythons gifted him to me.lol
  8. Amanumis

    Amanumis New Member

    My BPs are
    Female Norm Ursula
    Male Bumblebee Indiana "Indi" Jones
    **he is also called George, because of George and Ursula in George of the Jungle** :p
  9. Meghan J

    Meghan J New Member

    I am getting a Ball python soon, I am tossed up between Kira or Hera. She is a Norm ball. any suggestions?
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  10. supernova

    supernova Member

    It's all a matter of what you like, She is going to be part of your family although I have to say I am partial to Kira . :)
  11. Ossem

    Ossem Embryo

    Samus, like from Metroid. Primarily because of the fact that both of them curl into a ball.

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