Where does ur CWD sleep??

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by vauno, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. vauno

    vauno Embryo

    Hey all,

    Just wondering were all ur wd sleep, as mine always go to his one same spot rite at the top of the viv same place as soon as the lights go off.

    Show me ur pics

    Also what ur advice on feeding best as their main diet, locust? crixx? and what else u feed urs

    Thank you vauno
  2. TwiceBorn

    TwiceBorn Embryo

    he.....minesleeps in his tree above the water on the cool side of his tank...he sleeps on the rather large leaves....
    sometimes if i dont turn the light out at the right time he will sleep between the leaves to keep the light out of his eyes....i havn't seen him sleep anywhare else at night....actually one night he moved to the heated area before morning....but is was a really cold night because i left my window open for to long....

  3. vauno

    vauno Embryo

    cool any one else
  4. crystal_wolf1968

    crystal_wolf1968 Embryo

    Puff, my cwd, has three favorite places to sleep. He has a plastic rubber plant tree with big leaves under a blue light lamp. Also a spot over his pool on the faux vines with his feet hanging over. And on the floor under his tree, its really cute cause he uses a rock as a pillow.

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