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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by soundesciple, Aug 19, 2006.

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    hiya All, just found this sight and wondered if anyone can tell me if i have a female and a male CWD cos i can`t tell the diff!!!
    ive heard i souldnt keep 2 males together but how do i tell. they dont fight at the moment, but will thay when thay get older? thayre about 5-7months old
    [​IMG]Max n Isis

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    Here's the site I used (they have other useful info as well)


    It's nearly impossible to tell until they're at least 20" in total length, and even then, it's still questionable until they develop secondary sex characteristics.

    Yours are adorable, just make sure they have enough room & basking & hiding spots. Also be sure one isn't dominating the other and that they're both eating (mine are pigs lol). I'd also get rid of the dial gauges you have in the picture & pick up a good digital thermometer & humidity guage.


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