who's this lil guy?

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by Geekoo, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Geekoo

    Geekoo Embryo

    im soo glad he got there saftly,i just got home from spending the wekend with my grandmothere helping here around the house.
    they dont have internet so ive just been itching to know if he got there.

    :) thats just exilent im happy to hear hes rouming around,aslo if you have trouble feeding him tell me"i learned a few tricks to getting the lil bugger to eat"
    but im sure youle do great with him.

    cant waght to see the photos :)
    and congrats
  2. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    thanks, we are going to try to feed him later this week. my boyfriend is in love with him and cant wait until he grows.
    im trying to bug my sister to let me upload the pics on her computer because i cant on mine.
  3. Geekoo

    Geekoo Embryo

    im just wondering did you send the check to the right address,it didnt get here yet.
    if you need me too i can send my pm my address again.

    sorry for my absence on the forium ive been trying to upkeep some of my other sites so they know im still alive XD
  4. 00luke00

    00luke00 Well-Known Member

    I'm very glad this little guy has found a great home. Although, call me a killjoy but i do have to enforce rules, and i'm unclear whether or not a profit was made in this. If it was, the rules clearly state that this is not allowed in our forums. If just the shipping was covered, this is fine, as it counts as adoption, however please note for future adoption fees are not allowed.

    As i've said, i'm not entirely sure on whether a profit WAS made or not so i'll say nothing more, but i do have to enforce the rules.

  5. MikeFuture

    MikeFuture New Member

    This is a juvenile eastern milksnake (Lampropeltis traingulum triangulum).
  6. mango95

    mango95 Embryo

    that snake that you found is a miami cornsnake. they come in grey and red, or tan and red. they are friendly. you could look up miami cornsnake on google and see that it is your snake.
  7. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    he has a little less grey than that though. plus the pet store by my fiance's house sells eastern milk snakes and they look just like our little guy. well see for sure when he is older though if his colors change

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