Why do people hate snakes?

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    im actually an obama supporter, he was better than bush, and looks alot better than any of the republicans currently wanting to run next term. im sure obama could have done a better job as out leadrer but dont forget that congress has been screwing him over and refusing to do anything helpful. yes obama has caused a few issues but what presedent hanst? and its not just obama but all the other nuts in charge in dc are also screwing us over.

    i would love to vote republican this next election but the republican party keeps on giving me reasons not to with these fanatics they keep shoving in my face.
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    I think of politicians and voting as "choose the lesser of two evils" Lol. There will never be a single nominee that you will agree with EVERYTHING they are for or against but you have to do your own research and keep abreast of the situation and make up your own mind about what is truly important to you, and then see which of the candidates irritates you less, lol jk, see which one you agree with more. But I can guarantee you that it will never be 100%.
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    I know next to nothing about american politics, but what you say is without doubt a universal truth. Looking back through history probably the best liked Prime Minister we have ever had was Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He did many excellent things. The downside? He incurred enormous debts. So any leader of any country is going to have their downsides.
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