why does he keep getting things stuck in his nose?

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by winterborn, Feb 17, 2006.

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    This is the second time i've spotted Godzilla mouth gaping when his temps and humidity levels are spot on. then i see one of his nostrills and there'l be something blocking it, looks like a peice of dead skin or something, so it's making it hard for him to breathe through his nostrils. I was told to bathe his nose with warm water and i did until that peice of dead skin or whatever finaly dislodged itself, but like a day later and it will happen again in the other nostril, so again with the warm water routine, which he hates. And now his nostrils are blocked again, tis time it loos to be both of them and i just cant understand how he is getting them blocked so frequently.

    Does anyone else have or had this problem? Does anyone know exactly what it could be blocking his nose? Anyone got any advice or anything?
  2. I have a bearded Dragon that has the same thing! They are flaps of sken on the insides of the nostrils to keep sand and water out of them. I've noticed they cover the nostril when I mist him with water. I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but I wouldn't fuss with it! As for the gaping, it's a normal thing. Most lizards will gape in order to release heat from their bodies. It's like a dog panting! Don't worry, it doesn't mean he's over heating, they do it after basking for a while (they thrive on heat and refuse to get out, until they are extremely hot. They try and stay under it as long as possibly. They gape to release the heat, so they can stay under longer). Has he had a checkup at the vets for this? I would buy a book on Water Dragons to clear up a lot of these common problems!
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    All I know is if a Water Dragon gaps, it normally means that he has a R.I and thats a bad thing. But they only get R.I if temps and humidity are too low and his temps and humidity are just fine, so i know it's not that. And the thing i can see blocking his nose has been there for about a week now. I've been told it could be loose skin thats got lodged in there. The 1st time this happened it came out pretty easily, but now it's proving quite difficult and could do with some tips on how to remove it.

    It's a problem I know I can solve myself, I will refrain from going to the vets. The only vet I know isn't a qualified herp vet and really are quite useless to me anyways. The closest herp vet I know is at least 2 hours away and to me that is way too long for my baby to be in the cold on a horrible journey which could possibly kill him, and I would hate myself if i sent my little fella out on an unnessessary vet trip that would create even bigger problems for him if not death.
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    All is good, his nostril is clear again.... Until next time! :-/

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