why is yoshi doing this?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by lisa owens, May 24, 2012.

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    ok today has been odd yoshi keep trying to jump like he is trying to jump out why is he doing this? i worried he will get hurt. on a good note he is eating more salad and veggies he had mustard greens and carrots this morning i am going to the store this evening to get some other things. he will have anew tank Saturday but i will have to set it up and all before he can go in it. his tail was really dark but it has lighten up now his poo is a little wetter than usual but he did eat a lot more salad than he usually does last night he ate a few roaches and all his salad last night. is something wrong is that why he keeps jumping trying to get out is that why his poo looks different and not because of the salad please help any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like normal beardie behavior. Sometimes beardies just want out of their cage to explore, especially young ones. Some will even "beg" for attention or exploring time. One thing you can do to prevent him from getting too worked up is put a background up on the back and two sides of the cage. This creates a physical, visual barrier for them so they aren't trying to constantly run through the glass. Sometimes they are reacting to their reflection as well, and the background can help with that.

    The softer stool was probably due to the extra hydration from the extra greens he ate. Loki's stool gets that way too sometimes. As long as it doesn't persist and doesn't have a terribly offensive odor, it should be fine. You may also notice that it is darker or more green than normal when this happens. That's normal too.

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