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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by martsayin, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. martsayin

    martsayin Embryo

    hello everyone i was just wondering why my water dragon peter is so black? he will wake up in the morning and be right black and then he will get bright then he goes right back to being black again....i hope hes not sick.

    please get back to me ~!martsayin!~
  2. kathryn_m

    kathryn_m Embryo

    he might be scared or cold
  3. tomtom

    tomtom Embryo

    what are his night time temps? If he is getting too cold at night it might make him turn black. A good night time temp shouldnt drop below 65f or 62f (although warmer is better). If you find it is too low you might want to try warming up him enclosure or the whole room at night.
    Is there anything in the room that night stress him out at night?Also, how old is your dragon? Young ones tend to stay a bit darker.

    Thats my two cents, anyone else?

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