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Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by mrphil, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. mrphil

    mrphil Embryo

    I have noticed that my BP Lewis has started to open his mouth a lot. he does it when in the tank and has also done it when being handled.
    He is opening his mouth as fully as he can and holding it for afound 1 - 2 seconds. i have not had him for very long only a few weeks.
    Is this normal behavour? or is it some sort of display to show that he is frightened and trying to make himself look threatening?
    I doesn't seem that it is towards me as he is not actually facing me when he does it.
    any info would be much appreciated
  2. stormyva

    stormyva Embryo

    It sounds like he may be doing that to help him breathe.

    What are you cage temps?

    Is the top open and near drafty windows or doors?

    Is there any mucus or crusty stuff around his nose?

    Do you hear any clicking sounds when it breathes?
  3. mrphil

    mrphil Embryo

    The tank has ventilation at the rear to allow for air flow
    the top is totally sealed (solid plastic) the only access is through the font via a sliding pane of glass. there are no drafts in the room.
    there is no crusty stuff on his nose for mucus. and there is occasionly a clicking sound
    the temp in the tank is around 90 in the hot end 85 in the cool. I was told that i should have the heating lamp on for 12 hours and off for 12 but this didn't seem to be getting the temp high enough mid 80's in the hot end so i have left it on for the last 2 days and this has raised the temp a bit to around 90.
    is it a bad idea to leave the light on all day, if so is there another way of heating the tank other than the light.

  4. Ryeshu

    Ryeshu Embryo

    Well all my snakes open their mouths pretty much. It looks like yawning but since all of them do it i thought it might be normal. Maybe nothing is wrong at all.
  5. dulsiah

    dulsiah Embryo

    that might be a sign of dehydration.

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