Wild beardie pics?

Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by Ryan1990, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Ryan1990

    Ryan1990 Embryo

    So I have searched every where but cant find any pics of bearded dragons in the wild. So have any of you guys got pics of some beardies (any sub-species) that you have seen in aus!?
    Thanks :D
  2. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    I found quiet a few using the search engines for bearded dragon photo australia

    There are a lot of photographers that have them for sale, but you can view them
  3. Doctor_Phil

    Doctor_Phil Embryo

    Mon Cheri S is quite right, alternatively you could subscribe to a magazine or two that carries pictures such as the Monitor Magazine, even the issues that don't have Beardy info have some very very interesting articles.
  4. liquidGhoul

    liquidGhoul Embryo

    This is an Eastern Water Dragon (Pogona barbata) I found on the road the end of last year.

    Click on the image to get the larger size.

  5. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    wow, he is so skinny!
  6. liquidGhoul

    liquidGhoul Embryo

    He puffed up later, but that is normal weight for a wild dragon.
  7. water dragon????? thats a beardie
  8. Taryn

    Taryn New Member

    Looks like a supermarket to me, lol
  9. plmarsg8

    plmarsg8 Embryo

    he didn't say water dragon, he said wild dragon
  10. dahipster

    dahipster Embryo

    I have a pic o a 'wild' one that lives at movie world on the gold coast. i couldnt resist trying to pat it, and taking a heap of photos, if you want the pic i would have to email it as its too large to post.
  11. speaxia09

    speaxia09 Embryo

    Hi Craig,

    yes i was there and i took 80 digital pics just have to work out how to get them on the forum.

    thanks michael

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