Will his tail grow back??

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  1. As you may know i`ve recently took in a pair of adult water dragons about 2-3 years old. The male however has had alot of damage sustained to his tail.

    I don`t know for sure if this was caused by the female or another pet. But to me it looks like he has had his tail shut in a door at some time and there is a clear bite out of the middle. I think that there should be at least another 8 inches on the end too.

    He is only 19 inches long and 11 inches of that is the tail. Compared to the female this is quite short as she is just over 24 inches long in total.

    I spoke to a friend and he suggested that his tail might grow back. But i find this quite hard to believe as it seems too extreme. I don`t think he`squite fully grown yet and i hope he does grow his tail back.

    *Have any of you had any water dragons grow their tail back??

    Thanks Scott

    Heres a pic of him : http://www.reptilerooms.com/photopost+show...47-cat-507.html
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    my brother shut the enclosure door on his dragons tail and it fell off and never grew back
  3. Oh well, i can still hope. How old was the wd when that happened??
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    My rescue had his tail broken and severely twisted when I got him. It has grown back about an inch since the incident a little over a year ago, but I don't ever think it'll be back to normal. :/
  5. I`m not too bothered now, he still looks awsome even with the smashed up tail the hes got. They are kinda like war scars and i know the ladies love that.
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  7. Really sorry to say, but water dragons won't grow their tails back. They aren't like geckos. They primarily use the tail for balancing. However, I am pretty sure that yours will be able to function ok without it, they can be pretty adaptable. But I will state however if you haven't already dne so, to treat the wound and also to keep him or her in a sterile environment until it has healed (ie seperate off from others, and place newspaper of paper towels down instead of substrate.). Good luck!
  8. Thats ok the wounds were fully healed when i got him.


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