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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by crusty1, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. crusty1

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    alright so i built this 'fish tank stand' in tech class...its made out of oak and is 3 1/2' x 2' x 2 1/4' (lxwxh)...i have always loved water dragons and read alot about them...now with this newly aquired tank i would like to house a water dragon. maybe even TWO if possible, what do u think...could u guys also post some pics of your set ups so i can get an idea for ideas lol



    thanks alot guys
  2. crusty1

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    turns out its about 110 - 115gal if that helps
  3. SavannahQueen

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    it would work though taller might help as they like to climb
  4. crusty1

    crusty1 Embryo

    2 1/4' isnt tall enough u dont think?
  5. Well I am not sure it will be big enough for 2...they do like to climb quite high, and also yu ahve to take into consideration that they can grow up to 3 ft...
  6. crusty1

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    yes i know...i guess what im asking is whats the min enclosure size for chineese water dragons...is this the appropriate shape?....id want it to be able to live its life in it...but who knows 3 or 4 years down the road i could (prolly) make him a new bigger cage
  7. Ok well for a baby or juvinile it could be ok for a little while, but there is no way it could live there for the rest of it's natural life. So you will definitely ahve to change it. You will also have to incorperate of electrics, and humidity. The shape is ok...but they need height more as well. But for a few months maybe it could be fine. Just expect to see your wd to be higher up near the celing esp. if you have put plants there!
  8. crusty1

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    oh ya, iv read some about water dragons...electrics and humidity arnt a probelm, im in skool to be an electrition, and iv been keeping cresties for some time now...well thanks alot for ur help....how long would u say i have till i need a new cage? 2 or 3 years?

    oh and if u were wondering, im puttn a sliding glass door on the front this weekend
    its gonna be painful to cut a huge hole in the lid tho :cry: lol but ill have to get over it
  9. xc_Snake

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    I'd say that would be fine for two hatchling for probably about 18 months or so, but after that you would really need something bigger. My enclosure for my one adult is 4'x1.5'x2.5', and I feel even that might be a little too small.
    Also, make sure that wood can stand up to some intense humidty.
  10. I agree totally with xc snake. I would treat it so that it can stand up to the humidity.
  11. crusty1

    crusty1 Embryo

    hmmmmmmm....tempting muahaha
  12. nope i dont think that is big enough for even one let a lone 2 my vivarium demensions are 6 feet high x 6feet long x 3 feet wide. you could keep one in that tank for a while then it will out grow it.
  13. waterdragons2

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    Like WTR_DRGN_MASTER said above, the minimum size for an adult is a cage at least six feet tall. Your length and width might be okay if you added four feet to the top. 6' high, by 4' wide, by 2' deep is the minimum desired size. As it's also been said, you could keep one in there, but it would have to be a young one and it would outgrow the tank.

    If you're planning to get more than one, you need to make sure you're getting only one male and that the rest are female. I don't recommend keeping less than a trio, since, if they decide to breed, that way he won't harass a gravid female to mate until he stresses her to death.

    I've heard that BP Polyureseal is good stuff that's animal safe. You're definitely going to want to seal it.

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