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Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by Collard, May 14, 2007.

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    Sounds like I am doing exactly what you're doing, but I need to order some of that Prevent-a-mite. I'm not sure the name of the hotel, but I will find out for you. We wanted to use more money on reptiles, and less on the hotel, so we booked one that is about 10 min's away for 89 a night. The Hilton where the show is is like 159-179....that's a extra 100 bucks a night compared to what we're going to stay in, but I'll ask Chris, and see what the name is when he gets here. That will be fun though! I can't wait, wish i could close my eyes and magically make it be August w/ like 3K in my bank account! haha ;)
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    Collard Embryo

    More good news on my little girl! She shed today, all in one piece too! She is doing well they said, and her mouth is almost completely back to normal. I helped last time I was there applying the medication and wiping out her mouth. I'm not too sure what the area in their mouths is called, but the little groove in the top of their mouths in the center keeps getting clogged with the infection, (A white substance) and it causes her to have liquid that comes out of her mouth in bubbles. They said she isn't bubbling anymore, and looks great! That means that she's 90% healed up. They are going to have her checked up by the vet again, and make sure that she's 100% better before I pay anything else on her. I can't wait!!! ;) :D :)

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