Won't eat F/T Try scenting the F/T?

Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by downhillbikin, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. downhillbikin

    downhillbikin Embryo

    I tried feed the F/T again (previously fed F/K) and nothing. I thought maybe he'd feel safer if I left him in his enclosure, so I put the warm F/T rat in by him and left it for 3 hours and nothing again. Should I buy a gerbil and keep it as a pet to run the F/T rats on before feeding. I'm sure the gerbil would love that but.....
  2. mrfatpocket

    mrfatpocket Embryo

    ive heard that works well but sometimes it doesnt.. prior to my BP going on a hunger srtike i was feeding PK and trying to get her to take FT with no luck. I just considered myself lucky that i found a method other than live that would work week in and week out
  3. rmestre

    rmestre Embryo

    My suggestion would be to take it to a vet. I have alot of experience and still could not save one of mine, which you can read about in a new post here. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  4. downhillbikin

    downhillbikin Embryo

    Take it to the Vet? Why do you say that? If it won't take F/T, I'll just go back to pre killed. I don't think the vet could get it to eat F/T rats instead of pre killed. BUt...??
  5. rmestre

    rmestre Embryo

    Sorry... ;) I thought you meant he stopped eating all together.
  6. downhillbikin

    downhillbikin Embryo

    Oh, ok. Nope I'm sure he would take a fresh one.
  7. Jujube

    Jujube Embryo

    In my experience, the ball pythons were always very picky; once they had fresh mouse, they wouldn't go back to F/T without a fight. I've heard of scenting the F/T rodents w/ lizard "juice" or even breaking the skin of the mouse a little so they smell the blood. Anything to get them riled up about dinner.

    Have you tried jiggling the prey?
    To prevent him from accidently tagging you, get a pair of jumbo tweezers/tongs and hold the rat by the tail and jiggle it around a bit. Make sure your hand is outside the enclosure (or at least have some barrier between your hand and the rat) because more than once I've had the BPs go for my hand instead because it was warmer than dinner. :roll: Fiesty goobers.
  8. downhillbikin

    downhillbikin Embryo

    What's lizard juice and where do I get some?

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