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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by sophie, May 31, 2010.

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    g,day! my water dragon did a poop 2 days ago that was full of small white things.they looked like smaller skinnier versions of rice but they were'nt moving i tried looking at them under my microscope but they got squished under the glass,I assumed they were worms so I gave him the correct dose of REPTI WORM which contains 5g/L of praziquantel and 50g/L of fenbendazole.he did a much smaller poop today with none of the "worms" in it.does that mean the treatment worked?cos I bought it from a pet shop and Iv been told the worming stuff you buy at pet shops dont work. ???????????????????????

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    Its sounds like it could have possibly been worms but if the poop looks okay now then that is good. All I would do for right now is keep an eye on his poops to see if they are looking normal. If you are still concerned or if it happens again you might want to find a vet and call them. They might ask you to bring in a fresh sample of its poop (less than 24 hours old), but I wouldnt worry too much if its looking fine now. I hope everything works out okay. Good luck!! :)

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