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Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by lioness, Nov 7, 2004.

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    i have a ball python named Wilbur. he is a year in a half old. his temps are kept at about 85-90 with bark as substrate. we have had him since SEptember 26, 2004. the person we bought him from said he was eating three large mice a week (off of tongs, pre killed). since getting him he has been through a shed and has acclamated really well. he has a hide box and he does spend time in it. he is in a 55 gallon tank. he also has a soak bowl. my problem is that he has not eaten since September 23. we have tried pre killed mice and rats, we have tried alive mice and rats (small). everytime we bring something near to him he barries his head or just the other way from it. we even put him in a different box, no good. we have tried to feed him in the morning , afternoon, and night so far nothing works. he is producing sperm plugs but he has not had the female to go that road with. he is very active and alert. he has not struck at anyboby or anything. we even tried dipping one in chicken broth but to no avail. please help we are very over protective parents of all our wonderfull children. we have four kids, two bearded dragons, three dogs, and our ball python. he does have good muscle tone and roundness is ok but you can tell he has lost some weight.for anyone who can help we thank you now.
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    Balls are notorious for going "off-feed". First of all relax, a six month fast is not uncommon for BPs. Particularly in the fall and winter months. Nor is it typically harmful for your snake. I would suggest getting a digital scale and monitor his weight. If he does not lose more than 10-15% total wieght you should be fine.

    Stress is usually the main factor behind BPs not eating. He could be stressing over his new home, parasites, infections, being in a high traffic area, cage being located too close to other animals, being handled or disturbed too often.

    If his habitat is all correct (temp, humidity, hides, light cycles, etc.) and he is not having any medical problems (parasites and infections), just do not disturb him in any way for a week and try again. Put him in a low traffic area and try feeding weekly until he resumes eating.

    Like I said, if he is not losing more than 10-15% of his weight, it really is not a problem. I had a 1000 gram male snake not eat for 4 months (from november through february) and only loose 70 grams. It is very normal for snakes to go off-feed during fall/winter.
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    Every year about this time my big girl ball just stops eating and doesn't eat again until March. I try her every now wnad then just to see if she wants something but usually she doesn't. During the summer months she eats well and nearly every week. So, stopping eating for a ball is normaly.
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    wow, 3 large mice weekly for a bp, isn't that a little too much? dont want an obese snake now would ya. I guess its just probably not in the mood - towards breeding season it wont eat as much as it would normally. Dont worry, bp's can go off eatting as they had mentioned above. * a little late
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    actualy 3 large mice isn't that much for a BP of that size. But it probably could be taking a small rat at that size, if it will take a rat.. Yeah dont sweat it BPs go off feed sometimes for the entire winter. Mine stops usually in november and doesn't start again till April. I still try but he usually refuses it. And he's still fine.
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    i have the same problem, my bp hasn't ate in 2 and a half months, and i'm so glad i foud this site cause i was really worried about my bp. i just want to say thank you all for the advise.
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    My bp wasn't so lucky it died last summer.I was really sad for a few weeks and then I felt it was time to move on.I may be thinking about getting another bp.This time I hope it will survive.

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