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Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by Tico, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Tico

    Tico Embryo

    Would it be safe to put two different kinds of snakes in the same cage,would thay fight for territory?

  2. adam2373

    adam2373 Embryo

    no it wouldn't be alright. the stress alone would kill them. snakes are solitaire creatures and only come together at breeding time or the mishap of just being in the same area.
  3. HadesBP18

    HadesBP18 Embryo

    I can't stand when this question is asked over and over and over. Adam is right. The snakes will compete for warm or cool spots in the enclosure and sometimes one will eat or kill the other.

    And Tico, try looking around the forum before asking a question because there are a million threads that have addressed this issue in the same way it just has been. Save us the annoyance please :)
  4. inanevoyage

    inanevoyage Embryo

    It's annoying, but i'd rather have to answer the same question over and over than have someone not understand proper care.

  5. JoshMueller

    JoshMueller Embryo

    i agree, this is a forum and it is for posting questions, especially ones that need quick answers, its not a research web page.
  6. yes but im sure this question is posted at least 15 times in pythons alone. and im sure an equal amount in each other forum
  7. CornyGuy

    CornyGuy Well-Known Member

    Stress is definitly a major concern when it comes to snakes.
  8. HadesBP18

    HadesBP18 Embryo

    It's a matter of respect and trying to give Axe a hand. If we limited the number of threads with this same question perhaps the site wouldn't cost so much to uphold.

    But I do agree about having the person know than not ask. However I don't think it would kill someone to take a quick peek around.

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