yes peter ate a nice bit!!!!!

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by martsayin, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. martsayin

    martsayin Embryo

    finally the little guy ate im so happy for him hes so active today!!!!!anyway thanks for all the advice bys
  2. greenleaflink

    greenleaflink Embryo

    Wow...thats good news.
    What is he eating? How many?
    Does he go for the food right away?

    I've been having problems of my own, the crickets would hide under the 'tree bark' stuff, the flooring, under the water bowl, and he wouldnt get them to eat....i also gave him meal worms and silk worms, i thought he ate them but then later on i see these ugly ugly, beetles and weird stuff i know i didnt buy...or put in there.

    so last night i did some spring cleaning, removing all the tree bark, placing the bowl directly on the basically there is no place to hide and the trees/plants are the only place.

    i counted i put in 4 medium size, 3 pin head crickets
    hopefully he is gonna eat now.
  3. TwiceBorn

    TwiceBorn Embryo

    When my tank had moss and stuf the crix would hid alot. Now i just dust them and then put my wdon a towl and drop one out, pick it up with my fingers by the leg, and wave it in front of his face. When he stops eating them then i put them away till the next day. Try that if the crix still hide.
  4. martsayin

    martsayin Embryo

    ya,anyway he ate a full dish of greens people said this
    is good at his age too so thats good he also ate 5 meal

    its funny because i got bark for him the other day and now hes eating so he must like bark.

    im ording in 25 silkes soon so hopefully he will eat them.
    are they good for him and are they filling.peter dont eat crix it kinda sucks but there is more than crix he can eat so im glad about is a few pics of him after eating yesterday!!! :) :D :D ;)

    does he look fat there??

    chillin on the rock he loves!!

    chilling on hes other favorite thing hes branch next to the heat!!

    if anyone seen he befor can they tell me if hes gettin bigger because i cant notice because im always wit brother said hes gottin bigger so i need someone eleses thought? :D :D :D :)
  5. shortygirl

    shortygirl Embryo

    He looks very good! See how bright & green he is underneath (babies are always brown on the topside, it acts like a camoflauge in the wild), that's a good indicator of a happy, healthy dragon. Good going getting him to eat greens, that's pretty hard to do with some of these guys, that can be very stubborn!

    My guys love silkworms, they're more filling that crickets or mealies/supers and have a great nutritional value (Cheri actually just made a post on the front page of RR about silkies). They're expensive, but if you can get them, they're a great staple food item.

    You're doing a great job with him, I can't wait to see him when he's bigger too, he's going to be a handsome devil!

  6. goodiegodess

    goodiegodess Embryo

    He has the most cutest liitle tummy! (sorry but I just love it when my waterdragons eat and their bellys get big, it's just so cute!)

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