Yet another added to my collection

Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by adam2373, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. adam2373

    adam2373 Embryo

    0.0.1 Biak yearling from Ben Seigels originally from Bushmasters.
  2. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    Wow! Nice snake!
  3. biochic

    biochic Embryo

    Very nice!!!
  4. BoyntonStylez

    BoyntonStylez Embryo

    When were you at Ben Seigle's, Adam? Are you going to the show this week end?

    Beautiful snake!
  5. Mr_Goth

    Mr_Goth Embryo

    Beautifull colors! I the shape of the eyes!
  6. adam2373

    adam2373 Embryo

    I was there sunday, and more then likely I'll be at the show. Mainly just to look, spent my wade this month already. Of corse if I see anything out of the ordinary I may have to dig deeper into my wallet. :)
  7. BoyntonStylez

    BoyntonStylez Embryo

    Saturday will be just a looking dya, too. We want a female crested, nbut thats it .. Oh, Saturday will also be a day to show off Valentino .. but that's nether here nor there, heh heh. Leo and I were discussing heading down to Ben Segiel's last Sunday but I was too tired. I'm trying to talk Leo into letting me bring the puggies with us (Lauren loves them).

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