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Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by tjhallock, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

    Just out of curiosity, I want to know some of your ''wishlist'' snakes. Mainly your top 3. Even if you have one of them still list it. I also dont mind if you list a morph, but i'm keeping mine down to the original species/morph :)

    Here are mine:
    1. Angolan Python (very expensive, yet very similar to BP's)
    2. Green Tree Python (yay, i have this already, lol)
    3. Black Headed Python (awesome colors)

    As you can see, i love pythons, im not to much into all the boa species except for BoaConstrictors, they are just cool i guess lol.
  2. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    I like...
    1. Corn snakes (particularly the Amel milk snake phase and okeetee)
    2. Ball Pythons
    3. California kingsnake
  3. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    I want a Pied bald ball python, that is at the top of my wish list. After that, anything that is big enough to eat a rat pup, but not bigger than me!
  4. Jujube

    Jujube Embryo

    Oooo.. I'm with Janice on the Piebald.. as soon as the prices drop. A lot. :roll: And the other two, in no particular order, would be a Hogg Island Boa and a Dumerils. It took the understanding boyfriend two months before he'd hold Annabelle, my corn, so these others might take a bit more coaxing. :D
  5. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    That's why it's on my 'wish list'!!!
  6. improvius

    improvius Embryo

    There are some cool australian snakes I'd love to get, but I don't think that's gonna happen with me living here in the USA.

    "Blonde" maculosa morph (spotted python):


    Blue tree snake (colubrid):


  7. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    Wow, the blue tree snake is awesome!!!!!
  8. gadd19

    gadd19 Embryo

    ive got a super long list, but ill narrow it down....
    -amazon tree boa
    -madagascar tree boa
    -gaboon viper
    ive already got the number 1 on my list(red tail boa)
    (by the way, that is a pretty awsome looking snake)
  9. igot_dragon

    igot_dragon Embryo

    My list is so anti-conformist
    1- West African Bot-belly boa
    2- Green mamba
    4-Rock Python
    80- Brazilian Rainbow Boa
    3-common garter snake
    L-A tree dealie
    F2-world's most deadly viper (lemony snickits)
  10. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    That's funny, I saw that movie.
  11. BigZ3788

    BigZ3788 Embryo

    The piebald pythons are the most beautiful snakes i have ever seen. If i only had the room for one, ore if breeders were able to create dworf ones, i would be in.
  12. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    They're also super expensive!!
  13. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    Dwarf ones??? ball pythons are not big!! The only thing holding me back, is the price for sure. I can get quite a few snakes for those prices.
  14. coolfool

    coolfool Embryo

    yea there like $3000 and thats for the ok looking ones well

    1 Diamond Python i want nowe aney one got a babie fore sale? cant find aney where?
    2 as soon as price drops a piebald
  15. coolfool

    coolfool Embryo

    ps. the piebald pythons only get 4 to 5 ft
  16. gadd19

    gadd19 Embryo

    the term piebald, is a morph, not a species. you can get many snakes "piebald" janice was talking about a piebald "ball python" which can grow from 4-6 feet long.
  17. herpmaniac

    herpmaniac Embryo

    1. Green Tree Python 2. Gabbon Viper( not gonna happen though lol) 3.Albino or Albino Lavendar Ball Python
  18. snkegrl

    snkegrl Embryo

    My Top Three:
    1. Blonde Retic
    2. Jungle Carpet
    3. Pacific Gopher
  19. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Haha no way. I was just looking up the Pacific gopher a few hours ago and decided I wanted one!
  20. sally-dog

    sally-dog Embryo

    I like lizards but these are some snakes I want-
    -Motley Sunglow Corn (stunning)
    -Spider or piebald ball
    -Honduras Milksnake

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