Your Wishlist Snakes?

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by tjhallock, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. i would like to have 1.) angolan python 2.) diiamond python 3.) ive always wanted a green anaconda for some reason maybe its just because the size
  2. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

    I've updated mine since last time.
    1. Rough-Scaled Python (Morelia Carinata) - Only a certain amount in the world, and not available to public; only for scientific studies. Hopefully in about 8-10 years (when I graduate HS and College) these will be available.

    2. Albino Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) - Only 2 in the world. One is seen at this site,

    3. Boelen's Python (Morelia boeleni) - Said to be one of the hardest snakes to breed in captivity.
  3. misky

    misky Embryo

    I have wanted a Rough-Scaled Python for years. They have been made available here in Australia to the public but at the hefty price of around $24,000 AUS (from memory they were advertised on a fair while ago) for a related hatchling pair they were more than a little out of my price range!!

    I would also love:

    Oenpelli Python (Morelia Oenpelliensis)
    Scrub Python (Morelia Kinghornii)
    Green Treen Python(Morelia Viridis)

  4. MAtt!123

    MAtt!123 Embryo

    My wishlist would have to be....

    1. Red tail boa
    2. Ball python ( No perticuler morph. )
    3. Common kingsnake
    4. Milk snake
    5. Green cat-eyed snake
  5. Otto

    Otto Embryo

    My Wish List Is:
    Ball Python
    Western Hognose
    Black Mexican King
    Colombian Boa
    Eastern Indigo
    Dumeril Boa
    And Maybe some kind of Corn
  6. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Embryo

    My wish list is very short, and I hope soon to be checked off:
    Irian Jaya Carpet Python :)
  7. CornyGuy

    CornyGuy Well-Known Member

    My list:

    1) Female Ball Python
    2) Male Ball Python
    3) A large Boa of some sort.

    And then maybe another corn later.
  8. Samael

    Samael Embryo

    Sumatran Red Blood Python Doesn't matter the sex
    Albino Patterned Ball Python Female
    Albino Patterned Burmese Python, Male
  9. quadrider4990

    quadrider4990 Embryo

    i would like to get a pair of every morph ball python. oh for the " p.s. the piedball pythons get 4 to 5 ft". 3-4 for the males and 4-5 for the females
  10. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Got a new one!
    I want my next one to be a Solomon Island ground boa :D
  11. Blankminded

    Blankminded Embryo

    Wow this is hard cuz theres so many different snakes out there i want but if i had to pick a top 3 it would prob go something like....

    1. Mexican Black kingsnake
    2. eyelash viper
    3. Anthill Python
  12. Blake_Herman

    Blake_Herman Embryo

    Well, here's my top three:

    1. East African Gaboon
    2. Male Green Anaconda
    3. Black-tailed Rattlesnake
  13. mviridis

    mviridis Embryo

    I'd love to have arboreal vipers but can't because they're illegal to keep here in CA

    Albino Green Tree Python (working on that with possible hets)

    Boelen's Python, definitely a dream snake!! Maybe one day!!
  14. MyMo

    MyMo Embryo

    Piebald all the way!! Or a Banana Ball.
    also, I want a great they come with scales? :)
  15. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    I love Great danes :lol: What is Reeses?
    My next dog is going to be a Boxer.
  16. petec

    petec Embryo

    my wishlist of snakes is fairly short.
    1. Bredli python
    2. Tanami Woma
    3. Rough Scaled Python (too expensive)
  17. Zia

    Zia Embryo

    Lets see...

    1. Super tiger retic
    2. a GTP (which is ironic because the car i drive is a GTP lol)
    3. Amethystine (scrub) python
    4. Green anaconda
    5. the really impossible one now...a Monocled Cobra
  18. Snake_God_666

    Snake_God_666 Embryo

    #1 African Rock Python
    #2 Green Anaconda
    #3 Albino Reticulated Python
  19. elysse

    elysse Embryo

    #1 Green Tree Python (I just got into snakes, don't even have one yet, but i can't have this one cuz theyre too expensive, difficult to care for, im too inexperienced with snakes and they don't like to be handled)
    here's the type of morph i'd like:
    #2 normal ball python (i held one at the pet store near me and thats how i fell in love with snakes)
    #3 (i cant think of a 3rd one, maybe a madagascar tree boa)
  20. spooky326

    spooky326 Embryo

    my wishlist would include

    1. jungle carpet python
    2. anthill python ( Antaresia perthensis)
    3. blood python

    number three cause i like the short fat sausage looking snake

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