am i taking care of my bearded dragon right ?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Korey Dinkins, Dec 7, 2012.

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    i have a 11 month old bearded dragon i keep him in a 40 gallon breeder, i have him under a 5.0 uvb bulb and a 150 watt heat lamp, at night i put him under a 75 watt purple night bulb. i feed him occasional veggies and fruits, but i keep a bowl of flukers special blend for bearded dragons in his terrarium at all times, i also i have a water bowl, but i mist hiim daily, and i feed him from 5-20 crickets almost everyday. am i feeding him right ? does he have the right amount food given to him ?

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    keep fresh greens in his tank at all times and feed him as many crickets as he will eat in 15 mins. uvb should be 10.0 what is your temps? how are you measuring the temp you should be using a digital thermometer with probe

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    You'll want to make sure the UVB is a tube, not a coil. The only good one for beardies, from what I hear, is the ReptiSun 10.0 (not to be confused with a ReptiGlo). These are expensive in pet stores-- I should know, I work at a Petsmart. :S I purchase my bulbs at and definitely recommend anyone else do the same.

    At eleven months he should be more or less full grown. Have you measured him? Generally they seem to grow rapidly in the first year, and then slow down as adults. 5-20 crickets every other day for a healthy full-grown beardie is good, but by that size vegetables should be the main food, always present. has a nutrition guide that has a color-coded list of food options ranked by their nutritional value. Off the top of my head: collard green, dandelion green, mustard green, squash, and cactus are all rated as a fabulous "feed these everyday". Lately I've been swapping back and forth between chopped cactus and grated squash, as they seem to be his favorites. He is given crickets or dubia roaches once or twice a week (he's four years old), usually 25-30 crickets at a time OR about 4 roaches. It depends what I've got on hand.
    Different people will have different opinions, but I personally don't like pelleted diets. I've never used them and never plan to. If you read the ingredients, the majority of it is starchy filler the likes of which they'd never naturally encounter so I'm concerned about the longterm effects/digestibility...

    Does he drink the droplets when you mist him? Mine gets a bath everyday if I can help it, every other day sometimes. I'm not telling you to change what you're doing, especially if it is working well for you both, but wanted to let you know how convenient a quick soak in the tub or sink can be-- the warm water relaxes their muscles, and consistently every bath Razual will poo in the water, which is incredibly easy to rinse away, thereby making tank cleaning much much easier. :p

    I see that you asked this a while ago but hope that this is in any way helpful regardless.

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