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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by freakinprince, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. freakinprince

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    Hello there. Been awhile since I posted here. As of last year we lost Beardie as one of our cats fell thru the top and tail was missing and a few puncture holes in the back of the neck. We had to put her down

    As of December last year we went and got another one. Been great so far. Last few weeks we notice he can be demanding like we must always have crickets on hand as he rather have that before eating his veggie plate

    Lately he been puffing up his beard black and I have already fed him his crickets and he ate his veggies. I just went out to get some items for supper and noticed he's all black again

    Is there a reason why? Is he conspatatin (sp?) Or sheading soon or what? I am just curious to know why he turning black. I even held him before and he now all black

  2. freakinprince

    freakinprince New Member

    Hey there.

    Out little man just confirmed to take a potty break. And how his beard is all cleared up. This has been the second time he did it. Am I missing something in his diet. What can I do help him and preventing him feeling the need to black up when he has to go


    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Nothing to be concerned about, just a male beardie growing up. Their beards will turn dark like this to display to other males, or intimidation when they are threatened or upset. It isn't uncommon for a male to occasionally display a black beard.

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