Does he not like me?

Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by kazmar, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. kazmar

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    I just got a baby grey-banded kingsnake, and I've taken him out several times. I'm new to the snake thing, but don't snakes musk to "claim" you as theirs? My snake hasn't musked since we got him. Do some snakes just not musk, or is it because he's not ready to claim me as his owner?
  2. jwurm

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    I've always heard that they musk as a defense mechanism when they are uncomfortable or startled...
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    Musking is a defense mechanism. Its a good think he didn't, it smells and its almost like pooping on you. As far as reptiles liking you, I don't know if I believe they ever "like" you as much as they learn to tolerate you. They learn that you are not a threat and you bring them food and water. I believe you can create a bond with a snake as well but not quite a bond like you'd get with a cat or dog. Given the choice, I don't think a snake would ever choose to come to you of its own accored. A dog will come when called but I don't think a snake would. They are pretty solitary by nature. I have read papers and have seen thinks in my own collection to prove that they aren't all as solitary as people think. But yes I think tolerance towards humans and making a bond like that is as close as you can get towards love. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't love it though.
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  5. Greybands or alternas are some of my favorites.Bodom85 is right.Snakes musk and strike because they think you're going to eat them.I have honduran milksnakes and they seem to know me and are used to the program.I don't think they ever love me.I do however have a Stillwater het hypo bullsnake and she seems intellegent.I'm the only one that can handle her without biting.She seems to have a friendly bond with me.
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    I know we want to believe our retiles feel and respond to us in an emotional way but it just doesn't work like that. The reptile brain has a singular focus: survival. It doesn't think in abstract terms, and doesn't feel complex emotions. Instead, it's responsible for fight-or-flight, hunger and fear, attack or run.

    They might get use to being handled or even become more active when you approch the tank. Sorry none of these behaviors are emotional responses.

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