Federal Python Ban Bill is AWAKE--CALL NOW

Discussion in 'Reptile Law & Legislation' started by WingedWolf, Feb 27, 2012.

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    A special interest group that advocates education about and conservation of herps which lobbies to influence laws regarding herpetoculture......That sounds oddly familiar...
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    The thing is, the whole problem started 20 YEARS AGO when Hurricane Andrew went through Florida and destroyed a scientific facility, releasing dozens of Burmese pythons... it was not any human's fault, it was nature. A natural disaster caused the WHOLE problem with the Burmese pythons because the government didn't get those pythons under control and they have since been reproducing... So while you can blame irresponsible owners, it is mainly nature's fault... and the government, for not getting a handle on it 20 YEARS AGO... if they didn't do it then, they sure as hell won't do anything about it now.
    This bill they are trying to pass is "supposed" to help control the release of animals... when in fact it won't. Because the burmese population in florida will continue to grow and continue to reproduce... no matter who is restricted from crossing state lines.
    And Jeff, if it came down to choosing between my job and my pets (which would be practically my whole life), there is no contest. I would side with my pets, hands down, without hesitating.

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Opinions are completely respected here, so I want to apologize if I came off as rude earlier - I simply wanted to state some pertinent details that are often overlooked. The media and the groups behind the ban have a tendency to blow things out of proportion (snakes strike fear in many, and therefore make great news). I wanted to include the USARK archive and background information that most don't blatantly see on the surface...

    On the note of Venomous - lets drop that in this thread for now. Feel free to make a new thread for discussion regarding venomous or conservation thoughts. I'd like to keep this thread focused on topic with the issue in question, which is the banishment of the 9 species of Constricting Snakes. So let us focus out attention entirely on that.
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  4. David Friant

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    I've tried to read orginal ban but still can't find the exact wording ,no luck.I really think it should be a reginal matter .I can see a ban on imports,like we need more imports.The state to state banning of captive bred species is totally insane and controlable by chipping the species of concern.I live in N.J. THE MOST RESTICTIVE state.I've no problem with the laws and even had an animal control cop come to check my collection,ie. escape proof snake cages, proper husbantry,etc. He as sent by Fish and Wildlife-the states permit granting Org. As it turned out he was old friend I'd met thru Herp club.He was also running a Reptile Resque years before,so he knew what he was doing -not a hater.
    Large snakes of concern should be regulated,but by people who know what they are doing,not by Politics and snake-haters.I read a couple comments that "I have never met a snake owner that didn't have serious mental issues" I shutter that it was said and all the people that agreed with this point of view?

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member


    ^^ There is a link to the text of HR511 within this article.

    Unfortunately, this adds the species of constricting snake as 'Injurious Wildlife" to the Lacey Act - therefore interstate trade and importation of the species would be a felony.

    And yes, the United Stated Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) are just a couple of groups that focus on the protection of our rights to keep these animals, education, and conservation.

    I might also add, that these organizations have a very low budget compared to those that generally back the negative legislation (there is big money in politics). The minute amount of cash flow USARK receives from members must be funneled into the big issues at hand - irrational state and national laws.
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    On that note I figured I'd chime in and say if you really want to be involved in reptile legislation you could be a contributing member to USARK. On their website they have a full list of all of the laws that they are watching and their stance on them; if you believe in what they are representing and fighting for I would suggest for anyone to help them out and make a donation or become a member. Here's a link to their main page and here's a link to their join and become a member page.

    Edit: By "you" I mean anyone reading this thread, not one specific person, lol.
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  7. David Friant

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    Wow, this is the FIRST I've ever heard of this?Sounds far fetched but is the most Palasible reason for this explosion of Burms.It figures the Gov. covers it's butt rather blame the real reason.
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    http://www.isfoundation.com/news/creatures/snakes-florida-everglades :
    SNAKE!!! This is a word you hear all too often in Southern Florida (Everglades). Residents believe that the snake overpopulation began after a snake breeding facility was destroyed during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. This breeding facility was located just 5 blocks from the Florida Everglades. Another problem is that snake owners release their snakes into the wild when they become too big to keep. Snake (pet) owners do not realize that the small baby snake they purchase from pet stores, off the black market or even from international exotic pet trade/sells get very big very fast. There is a vast population of Burmese Pythons running in the Everglades.
    some sources, and if you google it yourself, you will find probably a billion more.
    The government will not take blame for something that is their fault... if they had caught these snakes 20 years ago, Florida Everglades would not be plagued by these tropical snakes.

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Its not actually the government per se, but the interest groups pushing the bill. They are incredibly influential and quite radical, and have millions...billions of dollars to spend on issues. These include the Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Humane Society. These groups are opposed to ALL non-native plants and animals being in the United States.

    USARK has only a tiny fraction of the funding that these groups has, and their efforts saved many of the species on this list in prior legislation. They are also actively working on many state laws that are popping up making attempts to ban extotic reptiles from being kept (not just the big constrictors, mind you). Economical impact studies, environmental impact studies... they found that much of what was being said by supporters was faux and unrealistic. Further suggesting that these bills being pushed are purely a means to line the pockets of a select few special interest groups. Again, adding these animals to the Lacey Act will do nothing to help with the problem in the Everglades.

    Another thing to note - check out the Co-Sponsors...Florida...and Mr. Rooney...also Florida. Why in the hell is the entire US being dragged into this state issue again?
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    This is pointless. Do you seriously think they are going to enfore this law anyway? What about if your in the military and you need to move from base to base, and you cant take your burm or what ever with you. So, you risk the life for tis country and had to give up your snake. This would either have thousands quit their military job, or tempt them to release their pet. And isnt that what this bill is trying to prevent? Also, what if you did educational programs and some times had to travel out of state? This bill will only make matters worse than better. And if you breed them, what would you do with the offspring? You cant transport them out of state, so you will stop breeding and watch them die of old age. This will prevent future generations from enjoying these animals. Way to go America, punish the entire country for what is happening in Florida. And these animals arent going to take over the entire country, thats ridicolous. They are contained in an area where the temperatures stay warm year round, they cannot and will not leave that area. I bet this isnt about whats happening in Florida, I bet its just people hating snakes because they are snakes.
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    I signed up for ARK years ago,donated and never heard from them again. No e-mails,no mailings and I figured they ended up going under. It wasn't till I saw them here that it ever crossed my mind they still existed.I signed up for 2 other conservation org's that were gone in a year.
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    ARK or USARK? USARK was founded in 2008, and has been increasingly active ever since. They showed up in force when we really needed them, and we need them more than ever, now.
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    This is the 4 th call and 3 emails. I'm not against the banning of imports. I've always bought c.b. as a way to not have to de-parasite imports.(after I did a fecal floation screening) It's the use of Lacey Act to prevent shipping snakes acsoss state lines that is TOTAL BULLSH%T!!!We have plenty of bloodlines to breed enough snakes to fill all orders.I've kept herps for over 48 years.My Grandmother worked at a plant importer and gave me all the hitch-hikers and it was hell back then to find information on keeping frogs and lizards.
  15. David Friant

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    I HAVE NEVER SUPPORTED BAN!! I was active the last time it came up (7 years ago,I believe)

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