Got Some Tokays :D :D :D

Discussion in 'Tokay Geckos' started by Fandango, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Fandango

    Fandango Embryo

    I got some Tokays recently and they're amazing lol here's some pics :eek:




  2. rinako

    rinako New Member

    Awww! They're adorable! I love Tokay coloring XD
  3. 4LC4PON3

    4LC4PON3 Embryo

    i love how tokay's look i just dont like their temperament. I just had a friend buy a Tokay and i told him they are not good with handling cause they bite well little do you know smart guy decided to pick up his Tokay. Got em.

    He ended up giving the Tokay up to another friend of mine. The 2 you have are beautiful
  4. Fandango

    Fandango Embryo

    hahaha yeah mine are mean too. My female (the dark coloured one) she hides 24-7 and when shes out if she sees you she runs haha but my big male will let me pet him for a bit then he barks at me lol I haven't been bit yet and I get my hands pretty close cleaning their tank but Im sure I'll get bit eventually lol
  5. Crazy4Herps

    Crazy4Herps Hooked on Reptiles

    Sweeet!! Tokays are the coolest, I'd love one someday!
  6. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

    The bites actually don't hurt at all... But the bleed for like a week! XD

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