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    Hello, I'm new to this chat site,but I have a question. I just got a new biak and he hasn't eaten in a month.
    Temp,is right,misting,refreshing water daily, enclosure is not too big and he is not losing weight. I keep trying w ft fuzzies,size appropriate at the time. Any suggestions or tips? Thanks
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    Hm.... are you feeding him in his tank or in a separate enclosure? Have you tried live? And one last question... did you contact the breeder that you purchased him or her from and ask them when the last time they ate was and what exactly it was that they did eat?

    ZGANGNUPE Embryo

    I've been trying in his tank,no live,yes the breeder sent feeding and shed info,he stated he fed live,but I don't feed any of my snakes live.
    I'll,try another enclosure. Thanks

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Try picking up some used bedding from a rodent enclosure at the pet store - the employee will probably give you a funny look but if you can get a plastic bag of soiled rat or mouse bedding you can provide chemical cues lost in the already killed and frozen rodents.

    When I thaw rodents, I place them in the fridge overnight then allow them to come to room temperature. Roll the rodent around in the soiled/used rat bedding that you picked up from the store and let both the rat and bedding sit near the snake bin for an hour or two to get the smell of the prey in the air and get the snake into feeding mode.

    Thaw the rat in whatever way you wish to thaw it - I usually throw some of the soiled litter into a plastic bag with the prey item and let these sit in hot water for awhile to get a heat signature and further attach chemical scent signatures to the prey item. Make sure the prey item remains dry and is offered dry and warm.

    It may be a number of things, and I'm not all that experienced with feeding behavior of GTP's, but this strategy can work with picky ball pythons. He may simply be adjusting to the new environment still or it may be a husbadnry or some other issue unknown.
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    hi I'm new too.. i wanna ask about my granite ( burm) my granite growing like super speed. like really really fast! but recently his pee is getting very liquid and there are no more white color in his pee. just a pure water.. is theres something wrong with him?

    p.s : I'm running a logo company for snake breeder.. if i may.. can i introducing my company as well in this forum :) thank you

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