Having an issue with my copperhead :(

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  1. I have a copperhead here and he has been doing really well up until ab 2 weeks ago...and honestly this problem looks like one i had with my burmese... but after he ate the next day i came in to discover what looked like his colon hangin out? similar thing happend to my burmese and he did not make it... is there anyway to reverse this? ive been soaking him and put paper towel down and kept it moist so he doesnt stick to anything... but it is no going back in and its turning a black color which im guessing is a sign of it dying... id really like to save him he is really a sweet guy lol unbelieveably but i can handle him and i really wanna kno if theres something else i can do besdies put him out of his misery :( he is active and still very accurate...but will not try to kill his food anymore.. HELP ME!!
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    Pics might help, if you have any. ;]

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    It sounds like a hemipene/cloacal tissue prolapse - something that can often be fixed in early stages but can become problematic enough where vet care is required. It is potentially fatal if left untreated due to the injury and high risk of contamination and infection. It doesn't sound good that what you are seeing is black in coloration.

    If you can, try placing the animal in a container filled with water and some dissolved table sugar... just enough to where it covers the snake 1/3-1/2 the way up the body. I'd also place paper towel on the bottom to prevent abrasion...same goes for the substrate that is in the snake's viv, use layers of paper towel and nothing particulate or abrasive for the time being.

    The tricky part of this whole ordeal is the fact that we are dealing with a venomous species. I'd recommend allowing him to bathe in some diluted betadine as well to prevent infection, but manually trying to get the prolapse back in is out of the question unless you are professional with the proper tools to prevent being bitten. I'd seek vet help at this point, honestly.

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