Here's to you Babo and Princess

Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by mango95, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. mango95

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    I got the both of you at a renissance (not sure of spelling lmao) fair. I saw the sign 'Dragons for sale!' and instantly knew i had to get one. I couldn't just get one for i fell in love with the both of you. Babo, the boy, and Princess, obviously the girl :). I kept you in a nice tank on my dresser with plenty of branches for you to climb on. I loved watching you both eat crickets. They were very friendly too as princess would usually sleep on top of Babo and always kept eachother company. One day Babo stopped eating and did nothing but sat in the corner. I could tell princess was concerned because she, usually very active, usually stayed near Babo and looked at him as if to comfort him. A few days later Babo turned a greyish color and his eyes sank in. (meanwhile i have been researching and even calling a vet to find out what could be the problem) but then it was too late. Babo was dead. He was buried in my backyard under a tree. Princess was never the same. She slowly stopped becoming active. She would sit on a branch and sleep all day; she was not happy. I held her more often than ever to comfort her but she was never the same; i guess watching your bestfriend die is pretty hard to do. A few weeks later Princess started turning grey for she was dying too. Once again i continued researching on what to do but it was too late; princess has died. She is buried next to Babo under the tree. At least now they are reunited in Anole heaven where they can eat all the crickets they want and climb on every branch they possibly can.

    R.I.P. Babo and Princess
  2. StikyPaws312

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    Sorry for your loss :)
  3. mango95

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    Thankyou :) Babo and Princess appreciate that.
  4. tokaygirl55

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    ;( I'm so sorry... (Ironically I had an anole named princess too. :))

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