HOTM Contest: April 2012

Discussion in 'Archived Posts' started by JEFFREH, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Such fantastic shots! They really are absolutely awesome! I love them all and it's very difficult to choose just one.... but I think because it's such a rare shot to get and it looks awesome I'm going to vote for Rhubarb & Naomi (Mirror Anoles photo) by lizardgurl :)
  2. Badger711

    Badger711 Member

    I'm voting for Bob, from Jess. Awesome pics everyone ;D
  3. dogking

    dogking HOTM Winner September

    wow! great shots everybody! I am voting for Rhubarb and Naomi by Lizardgurl!
  4. Reid

    Reid Banned

    I vote Angelina's Crestie.
  5. Cookie17

    Cookie17 HOTM Winner June

    I vote for geckolover22 and the crested gecko :)
    These pictures were amazing! It was definitely hard to choose, but I think because I am starting to get into cresteds as well, I'm partially biased haha. JK. It was just an amazing picture with great detail. :)

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Everyone's pictures are wonderful, this is going to be a very interesting contest! Thank you to all who are participating!

    Remember, anyone may also cast their votes for a photo by PM'ing me as well. If you wish to remain anonymous and do not want to cast your vote in forum, you may PM me with your candidate of choice = )
  7. ajlista

    ajlista Well-Known Member

    I'll vote for the anoles by lizardgurl, that is an awesome picture xD
  8. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    I am voting for the cwd by wren. I just love everthing about it.
  9. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    I vote for my chubby lil Ms.Ember. i steal her from reid >.> NO QUESTIONS
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  10. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    Everyone has some great captures! :)
    I'd have to say CWD by Wren-It's a very nice shot, real focused, clear and the colors are amazing!
  11. wren152

    wren152 Member

    Yay voting! Ahhhhh so difficult! I have to say that I really love so many of these photos. Everyone captured a lot of personality and color, and it all looks fantastic!

    I think my vote is going to have to go for Geckolover22's crested gecko. The strong focus and the reflection did it for me, I think. XD It made for a really good composition.

    Although it was very difficult to pick only one, I have to admit. XD
  12. electrofelt

    electrofelt Member

    These are all such great pictures! I agree that it is difficult to choose, but I think I am going to go with Cookies picture of Tangy. I love the detail and I feel like he is looking right at me : ) Excellent pictures everyone!
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    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    A big thank you to everyone who participated in sharing their pictures this month, these were some awesome entries! Also, a big thanks to all of those who participating in voting!

    I'm pleased to say that almost everyone received at least one vote for their entry - but it is now time to announce the top 3. These top 3 entries will be placed into a new thread with a Poll - Please vote on your favorite photo of these three and we can announce the official winner at the end of the month = )

    Afer reviewing all of the votes in this thread and those sent anonymously via PM, the top 3 photos for this month are as follows (in no particular order):

    Bob submitted by electrofelt

    Anoles: Rhubarb and Naomi by lizardgurl87

    Crested Gecko by geckolover22

    Congrats on making it to the...semi-finals?

    This thread will now be closed and moved to the "Archived Posts" Forum.

    Please vote on the these Top 3 in the following thread so that we may announce a winner for HOTM April!
    Vote here:
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