How to cut the nails of a water monitor

Discussion in 'Monitors & Tegus' started by KarlReptile, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. KarlReptile

    KarlReptile Embryo

    He/she is about 24cm long from head to tail.
  2. Cammy

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    If you have a tame reptile, nail clipping is pretty easy. If you have a more difficult guy, wait until he's sound asleep and wrap him in a towel. You may have to do the deed in multiple sessions if he starts struggling. Just get a nice pair of sturdy clippers (either large toenail clippers for people or those made for medium sized dogs depending on the size of the lizards nails...I imagine they're pretty thick with a monitor that size) and clip to the area seen in this diagram. It's always a good idea to keep some baking soda or styptic powder on hand in case you clip to far. (Just throw some on the nail to stop the bleeding.)


    Yep. It's that simple. =D
  3. KarlReptile

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    He's kinda tame but whenever i start to cut the nails, he/she hisses at me. Does that really happen even if you have it tamed? Either ways, i may have to try the "cover it with towel" thingy. btw, i use a large-sized human nail clippers.
  4. Cammy

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    Most animals don't really like having their feet messed with. As long as you aren't clipping too far back, the hissing is probably just a normal monitor attitude.

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