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    sophie Embryo

    i rescued an approx 3 day old stick insect from a spider web,and welcomed her to our home.
    i loved collecting her favourite rose leaves and watching her devour them,she would always give me a little dance show everyday,soo cute, had her for a month,then one day when i cleaned out her cage,i forgot to stuff tissue in th waterbowl that hold the rose leafes and i found her floating lifeless in the water. cry* cry*. im sorry baby,i looked forward to seeing you grow up and be a mother,and i would look after your offspring when they hatched,since you didnt have a male with you the would have looked exactly like you,lovely light green.
    i have since found another one but different species and will make sure this one doesnt suffer the same fate,and when this ones offspring hatches,i will name one "ROSE".

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