January "Caption This" From Photos & Photograp

Discussion in 'Archived Posts' started by corey, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    LOL Those are funny, guys :D
    Need a few more....
  2. DragonTamer

    DragonTamer Embryo

    "Yes, I think we can be friends......aaaggghhhh!!"
  3. trapieter

    trapieter Embryo

    kitty " ok mummy stop! I swear I'll lick my coat from now on and use the litter tray just keep india away!"
    snake whispering " ha your not worth the hair ballssss my ssswweet kittyyyy"

    love this its great!

    jojo xxx
  4. Jaws10A

    Jaws10A Embryo

    if no one else got that or wants to say anything. THATS WAS FREAKIN FUNNY ZUBEROK!!! OMG LMAO
  5. trapieter

    trapieter Embryo

    hey the snake looks like its heading straight in to the forest there so ... I think it likes it really :)

  6. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Ok, this has turned dirty. I liked RobertII the best. Post away :D
  7. trapieter

    trapieter Embryo

    no I was sticking up for all womens preferences lol :p I said oops. sorry, I'll play nice with the men I promise :p
  8. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    Keep it clean guys... please, I hate having to interfer with the fun, but there are kids on this site
  9. DragonTamer

    DragonTamer Embryo

    Hey Robert you won, lets see a pic!
  10. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    Agreed! :D
  11. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    I started this thread for fun. and I am glad it has caught on. Please keep this thread clean guys (For Future).

    Thanks for the win!
    Here it goes.

  12. Jaws10A

    Jaws10A Embryo

    beardie is thinking- "Oh yeah, great, Im mad at you and turn away. And you abuse it by taking my picture!"
  13. skcorrelyt

    skcorrelyt Embryo

    "last time i eat mealworms"
  14. dna_splice

    dna_splice Embryo

    "HA. pitiful human, ur not worthy to take pictures"
  15. Wookie

    Wookie Embryo

    "99, 100. Told you I could do 100 press ups"
    or in most beardies cases should it be
    "1,2... I give up"
  16. papercut

    papercut Embryo

    "here make sure you get my good side"
  17. trapieter

    trapieter Embryo

    ok let me set the scene for you. duke is the type of dragon who has a star on his viv and wears a smoking jacket in red and black silk with matching slippers... he also has an old English accent lol

    he's pushed out of make up into the photo studio where the photo is about to be taken then "STOP!"

    "how dare you! I am a mystical dragon, a thing of beauty and what do you do? tar me with soot for make up and make me look like a goth? Get this coal dust off me now or you will never work in this town again ... do you understand me BOY? "

    get me a cricket juice on the rocks or I'll show you a real black beard!

    lol sorry got a bit carried away. But he has that old english snobby look lmao

    jojo xx
  18. "I'm trying to let my nail polish dry before I chase after that cricket..."
  19. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    great captions guys! Just a few more!
  20. MorganaBanana

    MorganaBanana Embryo

    I am all mighty! bow before me!

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