leopard gecko not laying eggs

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by kannibalklown, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. kannibalklown

    kannibalklown Embryo

    so one of my gravid females wont lay her eggs. she looks like she has been ready for a while, and i put a moist box in with her for her to lay them. i hope she is not eggbound. how can i tell if she is and if she is, how do i fix it?

    this is what she looks like

  2. In that last photo are you holding the leo by the tail?
  3. kannibalklown

    kannibalklown Embryo

    yes but the way i was holding her did not hurt her at all, or stress her out, and it she wont drop her tail
  4. psi_chick

    psi_chick Embryo

    keep telling yourself that.......

    back to the egg issue...how long has she been gravid?
  5. kannibalklown

    kannibalklown Embryo

    maybe like 2 weeks
  6. Please don't hold your leo by the tail anymore!!! I promise that she will eventually drop it if you keep doing that.
  7. Fiche

    Fiche GOTM Winner

    Has she still been eating and pooping? Has her activity level changed at all and have you noticed any digging?
  8. kannibalklown

    kannibalklown Embryo

    i havent seen her actually eat in a while, but she licks her calcium powder often now and she poops just as much. her activity level, well shes out of her iding place a lot more, and she lays in her eggslaying box but i have not seen any digging
  9. Fiche

    Fiche GOTM Winner

    If she goes on like that for much longer it wouldn't hurt to take her in for a check-up or consult with a reptile vet over the phone just to be sure that things are going at a normal pace.
  10. kannibalklown

    kannibalklown Embryo

    she started digging in her egg box, and seems to be getting ready
  11. Fiche

    Fiche GOTM Winner

    Good luck. I hope we get to see some little ones from her!
  12. Nonya

    Nonya Embryo

    Maybe because of the way you're handling her, like wtf. You're not supposed to hold them like that. Maybe to you it's not stressful but to her it is. What if you were behind held by your ass upside down.
    No wonder she doesn't want to lay any eggs.

    I feel bad for her.

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