My Turtle enclosure is finally finished!!!!

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by scarr105, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. scarr105

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  2. Eric

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    wow, very nice... do you know how many gallons that would be?
  3. scarr105

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    I don't know how many gallons this would be but I would love to figure that out.
  4. slimmy

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    here is a link to a converter site where you can write in the LxWxH i believe and they'll configure the gallon size for you.

    btw great loooking enclosure you've made. your turtle is very lucky :) what a great job!! i wish i had the means to build something like that for my animals
  5. Hummingbird

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    shane - that's awesome! the pictures are a little blurry, but the structure looks very solid and well thought out. your turt looks VERY happy! you're quite the carpenter!!!
  6. Eric

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    According to that calculator, it would be 523.64 gallons... is that right?
  7. scarr105

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    Sorry about the photos but my camera takes very bad pictures. I used the converter and it says it's 327.27 gallons. The measurements I used were an approx.

    84 inches long (7ft)
    30 inches width (2.5 ft)
    30 inches Height (2.5 ft)

    I used 2.5 feet for the height because the whole enclosure is around 4 ft tall and the area the turtles are in is about half or a little bigger than half the height.

    I think 327.27 gallons sounds about right. If I had to do it again I would have built the water area a lot bigger. Maybe next time.
  8. Eric

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    Thanks for that link... I contacted the guy who wrote the script and got permission to put it on my site :)
  9. cd

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    What a great enclosure! (So much work!) It looks like your turtle has already made himself at home. Really nice.
  10. Kiryu

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