Need help with heating for a bearded dragon, Solomon

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    My question is how do I raise general heat of tank. I've had the beardie for 1 day and was given as a gift. It's a juvinile from a pet store.

    Daytime average: 75℉
    Basking temp: 85℉
    Nighttime average: 75℉

    Basking lamp: 75w bulb
    Night light: 100w ceramic bulb
    Tank size: 20 gallons
    Undertank heating mat

    Plan to get: daytime flourescent bulb

    I read an easy way to raise temperature is to insulate the tank. I was thinking of doing that from the outside because the temperature is nowhere near what it needs to be. Or maybe a higher wattage bulb?

    Also could you guys recommend some inexpensive temp guns.

    If Anyone has any suggestions or a story of their own please share. Solomon has to grow up to be a powerful king!!


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    we have a 10 gallon and we kept 3 baby beardies (we had to move one it was aggressive to the 1 month old one we have) and we have a mesh top we put aluminum foil (shiny side down) on it and cut holes for the lamp fixtures and we have both day and night time bulbs, we have one on each end we keep them on at all times, so we have a cool end and a basking end. with a log under the basking light because they love being super close to the light. and the log is slanted so they have a option for how close, or far they are from the light. and we have a heat rock on the cool end as well so they have the option of being super hot or cool. and you also should keep the humidity up, the humidity up between 20-40% and the temperature between 90-110°F i recommend a thermometer that shows both humidity and temperature it will help alot

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